Whether you want a red and yellow combination, all black, maybe one without a rear, you can configure DashBoard in any way you want. All it needs to function are the base, wheels, a way or steering, and a way of stopping. The rest is entirely up to you.

Current Cars on the Market

Cars on the market right now fall under two catagories: being poorly made with gimmicks to differiennciate themselves from the compotition (at the end of the day how many kids now have an iPod or MP3 player to plug in with an AUX cable to play music over a speaker that sounds worse than tin can), or cars that are made at super expensive price points so that parents can use them as status symbols while playing in the driveway or at the park. Either way, these toys, fundamentally, have remained the same since their inception. Given all the advancements made to battery and motor technology, surely we can create a better driving experience for the child, right?


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